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Research & development, breeding

quality control

Research & Development is a continues process at Rashid Seeds where we mainly emphasize on breeding germplasm & testing new & improved varieties developed by leading search institutes of the country and abroad. Our team of technically & qualified staff is continuously engaged in varietal improvement program and it is through their efforts, the company is holding sizeable share in Vegetable Seeds in domestic and in international markets. We have a team of breeders always working on breeding new varieties with good yield and better taste.

For the research and breeding we have two farms one is located only 10 km away from our office of 20 Acres. And second is located 240 km away from our office in Murree, which is a beautiful hill station in Pakistan. At our both farms we have complete equipment, which used from sowing to harvest. Every lot which we sale after production must pass the quality control check. Quality control check is not only the check of germination and purity.

But, the purity and fruit in the fields. During last years, With the blessing of Allah, our breeding team has gotten very good success. We have better, watermelon, Tomato, Carrot, Radish cucumber, squash, lettuce, cauliflower varieties. Our struggle will not end for the breeding of new hybrids for the betterment of Farmers. Our seeds can make the future of farmer bright. Our goal is to produce best hybrids for our domestic need and for aboard markets.



Quality control is our trademark. A team of Rashid Seeds specialists is engaged to check every seed lot as they must meet the highest criteria for quality. That means not only visiting seed production fields and assessing the growing conditions of the seed crops, but also monitoring seed quality at every step of processing. In accorandance with the ISTA rules seed-vigor, purity of the seeds, moisture content and the presence of diseases. Green houses and extended trial fields are being used to grow out seed samples to assure varietal purity.